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Hello, I have been practicing the art of hypnosis for over 20 years now. I am a Board Certified Hypnotist with the National Board of Hypnosis. Recently I have just released a series of Apps exclusively on the iphone to help individuals Stop SmokingBeat Stress,Lose Weight and Build Self-confidence in men to help them attract women. These recordings are also available for purchase in our Hypnosis Store on Compact Disc/CD.

I strongly believe in the effectiveness of these apps as I myself have been influenced by their potency. I smoked cigarettes for over 15 years and dealt with severe panic attacks throughout my late 20’s. Using the methods on these recording I was able to escape my habitual prisons and permanently free myself from the embarrassment of public freak outs.

These Apps have an edge that most Hypnotic programs do not. Within them, I clearly explain how hypnotism works and why it works. Some hypnosis records have a failure rate due to the fact that the majority of their audiences’ don’t understand the concept of hypnosis. Hypnosis is NOT mind control, nor can it “make” a person do anything against their own will or moral structure. Hypnosis is like a partnership between the subject of hypnosis and the hypnotist/suggestions. By definition hypnosis is the bypass of your critical factor and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking, or put more simply, Mono-Idealism. A hypnotist’s job is to get around your critical mind and implement powerful, positive suggestions deep into your subconscious mind. This can be done through creating focus in the subject through imaging and relaxation.

There are three Major parts of your thinking mind. The Conscious, the Subconscious and The Critical Factor. Each part of your mind has a very specific function. Your conscious mind motors you throughout the day and helps you make decisions, it’s where your short term memory can be found and is it also influenced by your subconscious mind. In your subconscious mind you will find your long term memories, your emotions and morals. It is the foundation of who you are and what you believe in. It is also a very suggestible and playful part of your mind. Your Critical Factor is the gateway between Conscious Mind to the Subconscious Mind. It decides what information goes into your subconscious. It acts as sort of a guardian that doesn’t except information it knows isn’t good for you. This of course is all based off of your morals and belief systems. By bypassing this Critical Factor the suggestions are able to directly affect the subconscious’s way of thinking about certain things. Such as how you feel about cigarettes or fatty foods. With suggestion, opposed to feeling happy when we indulge in them, we are now turned off by them, Or reminded how well we are healing and cleansing when we refuse them. It all comes down to behavior modification. So long as you are keen on the idea of letting go of your bad habits, then hypnosis can change the way you feel about them.

Every single day we are faced with challenges that test our hopes and dreams. I don’t want you to fall short of them. As an extra added bonus to these Apps I’ve also included something called the focus button. When faced with stressful situations that test your will power, the focus button acts as your lifeline that never expires. With the simple tap of a button and minute and a half later, you’re goals and ambitions will once again fall into place keeping you right on track. It’s a mini hypnotic induction that reinforces all of your previously programmed suggestions.

The Apps are wonderfully produced and well put together taking very little time out of your day. Each program runs under 20 minutes and extremely relaxing. Once your session ends your eyes will open and you will feel calm, focused and ready to take on those old troublesome habits.

With all of these fabulous tools working all at once there is only success in your future. I hope you enjoy the Tyzen App Library and the wonderful suggestions within it that will positively change your life forever.

Tyzen – Master Hypnotist

For more information on my iPhone/iPad Applications please visit my website at www.tyzen.com

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Tyzen Visits KOLO 8 Television in Reno, NV

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Tyzen appeared yesterday on KOLO 8 Television News in Reno, NV. He was interview by the wonderful and beautiful news anchor Amanda Sanchez. The interview covered Tyzen’s 4 month stay at Sammy’s Show room in Harrah’s Casino Reno. Although it was only a 3 minute spot Tyzen quickly revealed to KOLO’s audience about the mechanics of his show Persuasion – A Suggestive Adult Revue.

“Harrah’s Entertainment Director Tom Crist really whipped up a fantastic idea by combining a Topless Revue with a Comedy Hypnosis show.” Tyzen explains. “What’s nice about this show is that there’s something for everyone. It combines Topless Revue, Magic, Comedy, Hypnosis and Special Effects all wrapped up in one very classy show. From young to old, folks are walking out of the theater with sore faces from laughing so hard. They are also very pleased with the content and quality of this performance.”

For more information on Tyzen and his Comedy Hypnosis Show PERSUASION at Harrah’s Reno please visit his website at www.tyzen.com

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Persuasion in FULL SWING!

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PERSUASION - A Suggestive Adult Review starring Master Hypnotist TYZEN

PERSUASION: with Master Hypnotist TYZEN
A Suggestive Adult Revue
June 7 – September 29, 2012
Thursday – Sunday at 9pm
August 17 show is at 10pm

You can order your tickets at Tickmaster
General $25*/VIP $30*

Make sure you check out this awesome comedy hypnosis show which features the lovely ladies of persuasion and the star of Persuasion Master Hypnotist TYZEN. This show combines Comedy, Magic, Hypnosis, Topless Review and Special Effects in one dynamic performance.

For more information on Tyzen – Master Hypnotist visit www.tyzen.com

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Tyzen – Master Hypnotist is teaming up with Harrah’s Casinos Reno, NV.

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Tyzen – Master Hypnotist is teaming up with Harrah’s Casinos Reno, NV and introducing Reno to it’s hottest Summer Show EVER!

Starting June 7th, 2012 Tyzen will be starring in the highly anticipated show:


(produced by BLV productions and Tyzen International LLC)

This show will combine Hypnosis, Comedy, Beautiful Ladies, Special Effects and Wonder into one grande evening of jaw dropping AWE!!! Audience members will leave the theater spellbound and wanting more.  This performance has been carefully designed to merge two incredible forms of entertainment into one dynamic event. HYPNOSIS & REVUE. Persuasion will test your senses, pushing your skepticism to the very core of belief. Persuasion will drop you right into a world where fantasy becomes reality.

Tyzen – Master Hypnotist was recently in  Reno, NV for meetings with Harrah’s Casinos to start planning the production and choreography of Persuasion. He met with Choreographer/Performer – Britney Irwin, Nick Brill – Audio and Lighting Technician and Entertainment Director of Harrahs – Tom Crist. They spent most of the afternoon together working on details for the Hypnosis/Revue Show Persuasion.

The team was also mesmerized by an amazing meal at Harrah’s Steakhouse located right at the bottom of Harrah’s Reno. The food was outstanding, the service was top notch and of course the company put the icing on the cake.

Here are pictures from a very productive and enjoyable couple of days.

For more information on Persuasion Hypnotic Suggestive Revue Show at Harraha’s Reno, NV Contact us www.tyzen.com or contact Harrah’s Casinos.

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Bark Like a Blog – Episode 3

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Hi folks!

Here is yet another episode of Bark Like a Blog. A web based blog that covers Tyzen – Hypnosis That Rocks Show. In this episode Tyzen the Hypnotist recaps his 2011 Fair Season Tour. We hope all you hypnosis fans are getting your weekly fill of through this blog.

If your a company, fair, entertainment venue, grad party or casino is looking for the most AWESOME entertainment available, then look no further than Tyzen’s Hypnosis that Rocks Show. Click here for more info. www.tyzen.com

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Hypnotist in Gold Country Fair, CA

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Tyzen Hypnosis that Rocks Show recently posted his second episode of Bark Like a Blog. He covered his hypnotic performances in Auburn, CA at the Gold Country Fair that happened from September 8th – 11th, 2011.

California an awesome playground for hypnotists to do their thing. For hypnotist Tyzen it was a riot of fun and laughs. Not only were his shows a great success but he seamed to draw in double the crowds he had from last year! Way to go Mr.Hypnotist. In his blog video you can see the stage over flowing with the masses of people. He would like to thank everyone for coming out and support his comedy and hypnosis.

Tyzen also mentions some of the other acts that also added to the fair this year. Acts such as Kaylee Starr, The Nelson Brothers, Lanky the Clown and Spike McGuire. Watch all the fun below on Tyzen’s Hypnosis Video Blog Bark Like a Blog.

Interested in booking an awesome hypnosis show that is sure to entertain? Look no further than Tyzen Hypnosis Show that Rocks!

Visit us at our website www.tyzen.com

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College Hypnotist Rocks Crowd

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Oh my goodness! TYZEN hypnosis that rocks show performed at St.Cloud State University in St.Cloud, MN and rocked the crowds over. About 300 students attended and what a blast it was. Hypnosis shows are popular amongst colleges and universities drawing in massive crowds and proving to be a clever way to raise school spirit. Bellow are photos of the event that took place.

If you are a college or university looking for entertainment that’s such to pull in massive crowds and blow them away. Look for further. Tyzen Hypnosis That Rocks Show will have them at the edge of their seat and keep them wanting more. Visit www.tyzen.com for more information!

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A young reporter’s perspective on Tyzen Comedy Hypnosis that Rocks!

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We get several emails from fans of the Tyzen Hypnosis Show that Rocks show all the time. Many of them touch our hearts and remind us just why we are in this business. Not only is this a Comedy Hypnosis Show, but to some, a means of therapy. Laughter is the best medicine. Well… except for medicine. We hear that’s pretty good too.

Seriously though, Tyzen has been approached by many spectators explaining that they haven’t laughed in a really long time and that his show cleared their dark cloud. Some have explained that they recently lost a loved one and felt empty unable to smile. However after seeing his show, they were reminded on how important tapping into our sense of humor really is and forgetting who you are while laughing your head silly. Laughter is so important and Tim Gabrielson knows all about the effects of laughter and it’s worth on this planet. Tim even sells a book called Lemons to Laughter which you can find at his online store. It’s a fantastic read that will have you in stitches and perhaps teach you a few things. It’s complete with gags and jokes that you can use in everyday life.

Aside from all of that, from time to time we like to acknowledge fans who go above and beyond taking a picture with Tyzen or shaking his hand. In this post we would like to acknowledge Jacob Dayson. This young man wrote a wonderful essay that covered Tyzen’s Comedy Hypnosis Show at the South Florida Fair. It was a wonderful essay that was sent to us from his mother. Thank you so much for this essay and I’m sure other fans will enjoy reading it. Bellow you will find Jacob’s work.

The South Florida Fair is held in January every year in West Palm Beach. It takes place on 130 acres and includes rides, shows, animals and entertainment that bring in almost 600,000 people.

Hypnotist and comedian Tyzen is one of the most popular performers at the fair. Tyzen tells his audience that he started his career at age 15 when he saw a magician, David Copperfield, on TV and wanted to learn everything he could. Eventually his love for magic became a love of hypnosis.  As a hypnotist and comedian, he has been able to reach large audiences.

While many performances filled only part of the auditorium, Tyzen had a full crowd at the fair.  One fair organizer reported that, “Tyzen was talked about among Fairgoers as a ‘must see’ event.”  Tyzen hypnotizes members of the audience onstage as live participants in his show. The South Florida fair theme this year was space travel. And Tyzen tied this into his show, by sending onstage participants into space. Tyzen also made a special effort to include all ages in his show.

Audience member, Tais Ayott, a 10-year old student at Palm Beach Public Elementary, was called onstage to perform a bubble gum pulling trick, against another student, and although he lost, he says he can’t remember when he has had so much fun.

By: Jacob Dayson

Thanks so much for the wonderful story you wrote about us Jacob. If you’re interested to learn more about Tyzen just visit us on his website at www.tyzen.com Hypnosis that Rocks!

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Hypnotist Tyzen – Hypnosis That Rocks Show

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The Hypnotist Tyzen performs a comedy hypnosis show unlike no other. He blends the traditional art of hypnotism with a heavy dose of comedy which produces one of the funniest comedic shows out there. No one can touch his quick witted responses paired with his outrageous style and humor. He is the ultimate comedy performer of our time.

Interested in booking Tyzen?
Come visit us at www.tyzen.com

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